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I am looking for a few International schools to exchange information about their school and how they learn. The unit is Learning Communities. My second grade teachers are working on this now. They want to share what learning communities look like from around the world.  Would you be interested in having your students put together a presentation about their learning communities?  


We are a PYP school in Colorado.  





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Toni, are you a member of PYP Threads?

I am. I will repost.

We are a kindergarten class in Japan. We are also thinking about learning communities. I don't know if we are ready to put together a presentation but I thought this post on our class blog might generate discussion amongst your grade 2 students about learning communities: Building Our Class Learning Community

We began by building a community of learners within our class and then thought about the wider school learning community and the different communities we belong to

Hope this helps?  Tasha

Thank you so much. We can discuss this with the students. If you want to ours when we are done, please let me know.

I would love to see yours. It would be great share with my students. Please share when you are done : )


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