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Do: Research one or two of the connecting organizations mentioned in this section. (Join if you wish).  

Share: Reflect on your blog what you have learned and comment on at least two other blogs about this topic. Make sure that you tag your post!

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I feel very empowered. Thank you, Challenge 3, for existing. As a result, I explored the two connection resources that most piqued my curiosity in this chapter: Skype and the Digiteen FC Project.  First, Skype: I've skyped before, but we've had consistent problems at school with our network and skype - finally, this year, it's alive and well : ) I knew (in the abstract) about Skype in the classroom, but until I did some digging on the website, I wasn't aware of the wealth of resources - projects up and running, authors and experts just waiting for a skype connection to our classrooms! I signed up for a Skype author session with Jay Archer, author of 13 Reasons Why, a novel that one of my colleague's classes is reading. I believe that if this works out, he will (metaphorically) kiss me on the lips. I will be revisiting Skype in the Classroom on a regular basis - must add them to Twitter...


Thank you for posting this link about Skype in the classroom. I have never Skyped before but have many friends that do. Can't wait to try this out with my first graders! #fcc3_join

Thank you for posting this link! I love to hear about other ways teachers are using Skype and other technology tools in the classroom. I have used Skype in the classroom before, and I, as well as my students, loved it! I am going to find new partners and ways to incorporate Skype into my lessons. :)



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