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I am checking to see where this goes.  I think that we can have an excellent education without global collaboration.  Even though technologies have made to many connections around the world, every student still needs to learn how to read and write in their native languages.  The basics will never go away.  However, there is a 'but' to this thought.  The world is officially a very small place due to technology.  Whether is business or science global collaboration through technology is here.  It has now become one of the basics of education.

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I agree with the basics.....

I definitely feel that global collaboration deepens the education experience of each student.  We have had some great leaders, Nobel Prize winners, etc., that have shown us that you can have an excellent education without global collaboration. However, I believe that the education through the use of global collaboration benefits the not only the student, but all of us if done correctly.

One of the goals of education is to prepare students for life beyond school, and students need math to balance a check book, to make sure their paycheck is not short, to have a budget. History is needed so we can learn from the past mistakes, and not recreate.

I was afraid I was going to be on this side of the fence, alone.


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