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I would welcome the opportunity to visit with pre-service teacher educators who would be interested in developing a FC project for pre-service teachers. Here are some very preliminary thoughts based on existing projects.

Possible FC Projects for Pre-service Teachers:
Based off of current FC projects
1. NetGenEd - Purpose - to identify current global trends in education, identify and address
issues and constraints teachers and schools may face, provide information to teachers, and to
practice digital literacy skills.
Research on NetGen
Create Wiki reports with pre-service partners around the globe
Analyzing current global trends in education to meet those needs
Identifying issues and constraints to be considered
Identifying ways to work within those constraints
Reviewed by expert advisors
Create a video for teachers based on their research in current global technological trends
2. Digiteen Project - Purpose - to develop an understanding of the need for digital citizenship,
identify and analyze programs/curricula already developed, create their own unit implementing
using and practicing the skills they will be developing a unit about.
Research current literature and curriculum written to address digital citizenship
Write a collaborative wiki report with pre-service teachers around the globe
Develop a unit of instruction for elementary, middle and/or high school students on digital
citizenship including videos to support the teaching/learning of the unit
3. A Week in the Life Project - Purpose - to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of
how others live and communicate and of cultures different from our own.
Pre-service teachers will research a week in the life of a public middle or high school,
urban and suburban school around the following topics:
School time/how class time is scheduled
Languages, Religions, Ethnicities, Socio-economic status
Housing and Transportation
Leisure time
Food and Celebrations
Curricular Requirements
Extracurricular Requirements
Complete a team project with pre-service teachers around the globe demonstrating found
information to the rest of the group
Upload multimedia to project wiki
View all group projects and compare/contrast the results


Any other thoughts?

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