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This is an idea that is in its infancy. I would like to do a global elementary scratch project, as a kickoff to a year-long collaboration, using the new online Scratch interface. This new interface allows you to invite others to collaborate on your work. This is not synchronous collaboration. However there is a new tool, called a "backpack" which allows you to easily save sprites, with code from one project to another.  

As an introductory project I would like to have student design a sprite and animate it... make it dance. These dancing sprites can be collected and posed in front of an image of a local landmark, etc... So, something similar to the old Where the Heck is Matt videos.

Why Scratch?  It is a programming interface- and I, although not a programmer, firmly believe that we must begin to teach young children about programming.  It is collaborative, and essentially limitless.  As far as I know it is not blocked in China or any other country. If a student does not have internet access, even the new version will soon be available to download....and then projects can be emailed. 

Scratch already has a large global collaborative community. I would love to leverage this into a community that our students can benefit from.  I have joined a couple online groups who have worked with some schools around the world and have created the water creatures scratch project.  

I would like to have the kids do an intro project, then continue to plan on Edmodo... make mixed groups there- kids can have a "science" group and use scratch to demo what they are learning in science or choose a topic- ie water cycle... We could have a storytelling group in edmodo- show work in scratch... etc... 

This is why I envision this as a year-long project... students could move from group to group as they finish... 

so... still thinking and would love any initial feedback... workable-crazy idea- whatever.


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I love this idea. I could probably drum up someone in my district to join in this project if you get it off the ground! As a former computer programming teacher, I'm amazed, and thrilled, at the recent interest in computer programming.  Sounds like a wonderful project!


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