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How do we want to tweak the Digiteen Project so it fits the needs for our DigiTween students?

Think of how the Team Grid and wiki can be formatted as well as the topics.  

Look at the Digiteen Team Grid here: https://docs.google.com/a/csrn.org/document/d/1kjVWv369gUFKUxhTTvbz...   

Look at the Teacher Guide for Awareness/Competency groups here:  https://docs.google.com/a/csrn.org/document/edit?id=17r9goezmbnpgVP...

Digiteen wiki last Spring:  http://digiteen12-1.flatclassroomproject.org/

We'd love your ideas in the next few days so we can get the grid and wiki up for you and the students!

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5 areas of awareness by 4 rays of understanding = 20 groups

Rays are not split. Generalize rays into one word.

Perhaps a graphic that has an icon for each ray and AoA for students to visualize

Prezi to dig into the graphic

Student leaders in each group, either vets or older students. Give them badges in Edmodo

More parent involvement

For better understanding, students comment on work outside of their group, perhaps choose one ray for each AoA to read and offer feedback in the wiki

More collaboration on planning action projects... use small groups for this.

Present videos for reflection to each Ray small group that will help foster an understanding and thus draw students into research.

Students present work in process on Edmodo.

Create discussions for each small group on the Wiki PRIOR to students entering the wiki so they have a pre-populated space for research discussion.

I like presenting their work in process on Edmodo.  This also gives Edmodo another educational function.  Otherwise, it seems that after the handshake, it just becomes a chat place.  Perhaps we can also recommend Edmodo as a place to discuss a topic video we suggest looking at in class... picking something from an Awareness or competency area each week.  

I don't have much to offer since this is my first time but I like the 4 mandatory components outlined in the teacher guide.  I believe my students are very capable of creating an action project to share with our school and editing a wiki. I as a teacher would like a bit more clear and compelling standards regarding the action project and wiki.  I have looked at past projects but just want to make sure that I am clear about the expectations of the project.  I am very excited about this opportunity as I have read about the Flat Classroom project for several years now and I simply want to provide my students with a very powerful learning experience.  I hope to learn more at our next meeting.

Thank you Gil and Erin for your suggestions!  Will be creating the wiki and grid for DigiTween very soon.

Here are some of my wishes for younger kids:

1.  Describe what the Digitween Project is using vocabulary and examples geared to a younger audience.  Include diagrams and multimedia in the explanation ...   maybe a video.  This would also help with PR with parents.  Perhaps this would be a good co-edit wiki page for past & present teachers in the project, as well as student mentors.  This might be a great outsourcing of video for the 2nd year veteran students of the project.

2.  The competency group my students have had the most trouble getting a handle on is Literacy & Fluency.  The awareness group they have trouble with is Technical Access &  Awareness.    Again, maybe our 2nd year veteran students could put together some video or slideshares with explanations & some examples.  

3.  A task that is often difficult for them to do is cite their sources on a wiki.  While they are used to doing it in their research papers, a wiki is different, as is citing video.  

4.  Kids love to do multimedia projects.  They are often not the fastest typist but love being creative.  I would love to see them collaborate on something multimedia based (audio, video, graphic, etc)  rather than only text based.

5.  Create small groups within Edmodo for the Awareness Groups.   Then create small groups within Edmodo for the Competency Groups.   The very small groups that are the intersection of the two (Awareness & Competency) just keep as discussion groups on the wiki where they will be editing.

Just following up, we had a little meeting today and have some great ideas!  Can't wait to share at our meeting.

Thank you for your feedback!


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