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Are you interested in making teacher and student connections across the nations with Flat Classrooms assistance?
Web2.0 and social networking has much to offer in assisting us to develop internationalism and collaborative learning.
Express an interest in connecting and see where it leads.
What are your thoughts and dreams?
What do you need for them to be realised?
There are others in Flat Classrooms and Classroom2.0 who can be of assistance. Julie (creator of Flat Classrooms) has already offered her support. She's been doing this type of networking with Vicki for some years.

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Dear leigh,
I as the PYP coordinator and my school are very interested in collaborating with other schools across the nations to promote and develop internationalism and collaborative learning.We are also interested in teacher/student exchange.Any leads?

Hi Jaya. Certainly Flat Classrooms is the place to be to make connections for collaboration. At the moment I am waiting for an appointment so am not the person to be asking just yet - sadly. I have a feeling that making personal connections might be the way to go. I didn't get any response when I was first looking for classrooom partners. Good luck.
Hi Leigh
Happy new year.

Thanks for sharing so candidly. I am trying at the personal level also. lets hope for the best.
take care ]
The thing that I struggled with was that the units of inquiry would need to match or be complementary on at least some levels. Given that the program of inquiry is developed by the school as a whole it would take possibly 12months before that could be changed - not terribly satisfying when you're wanting to collaborate globally this year. Maybe the answer is that the collaboration happens on a level that makes the U.I. topic less important - study skills, research ideas, sharing novels ...
Are you still interested in developing classroom collaborations. I have a masters in instructional technology and have worked as a technology coach and trainer for the past 10 years. I decided to go back into the classroom last year. I will be in my second year at a PYP school in Sarasota, Florida. Last year I was in 2nd grade and this year my principal has asked me to move to 5th grade. So the PYP is still very new to me. Let me know what you think.
Hi Ann. I'm very interested in seeing what we can do.

I'm now teaching Literacy to a grade 6 class and a grade 7 class. I also have my home class for a couple of hours each day where Units of Inquiry will be conducted. I'm in a Catholic parish school that is "inspired by Regio Emilia" pedagogy and can't afford to be part of the PYP. This means that I am using a PYP approach to Units of Inquiry with the Principal's support, but there isn't a broader school approach to the use of the PYP.

We're starting a unit on democracy with the Grade 7s going to Canberra (our national capital) in a few weeks. Do you have units planned yet?
Our school year does not start until August 23. As I said in my previous post this is all still very new to me. In a few weeks I will be meeting with my new fifth grade team and will learn more about the currently planned units of inquiry this year. I am hoping to be in touch later to see if we could work something out.
Are there any specific novels that you are planning on doing with your students? Perhaps that might be an avenue?
Hi! Ann ,
Masters in instructional technology, Wow!. Could you be a support to start a collaboration with my students. in a way i master technology which i am not so good or confident at. I am the Primary Coordinator at Indus International - Pune, India. Our school begins by 6th of August. I was teaching 5th grade but for the moment i begin with Grade 4.Infact i am structuring the reading programme in the PYP.
Let's stay in touch and we will see what we could collaborate on.
Are there any novels that you might read with your class? Let me know.


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