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Would you like to share your flat classroom teaching / collaboration experience?

Hello All,

As the title says, would you be interested in sharing your experience as someone who has collaborated via electronic means? As an educator interested in furthering my understanding of use of technology for global collaboration, I would like to ask a few brief questions regarding your experience. In return, I would be glad to provide constructive feedback on my perception of your efforts and if possible, suggest additional creative opportunities.

I will be grateful to everyone who responds and shares their experience. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, USA.

Thank you.


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Hi All, This is my first year at a PYP school and I really want to create some PYP-specific global opportunities. Right now I am doing Mystery Skype and a Writer's Club (blogging) with 5th graders. 4th grade has participated in "A Week in the LIfe". 3rd grade is doing Edmodo Pen Pals. 2nd grade is doing "Building Bridges". I really think we could do a cool project based on one of the PYP unites. Or even based on the learning profiles. Anyone interested?


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