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I would love for you to share your items that will be part of your intentional R&D. what are they? Please share hyperlinks as well!

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My items for intentional R&D:

1. Second Life -- don't know ANYTHING about this, and want to learn it
2. Back Channel Chats -- want to incorporate them in the staff development that I do
3. Ning -- have started one and want to continue with it and make it more robust
Here are some resources for you:

1) Second Life

Here are three (of the many experts in SL) that I know and could "put you in touch with" -- add these blogs to your RSS reader. They are some of the experts in Second Life (here are the links to their blogs):
Peggy Sheehy
Beth Ritter-Guth
Kevin Jarrett

This is the education group in diigo for those who want to share bookmarks on second life. Beth is the administrator.

2. Backchannel Chats
Remember, these are built into a lot of things like elluminate. I used Chatzy but remember to take the ads off! Otherwise, I guarantee someone will be offended!

3. Ning
Remember to join the Ning in Education ning for those of us using ning in education. Some interesting discussions go on there. There is also a "secret" place with some of the coolest Ning R&D developers over at the Widget Labs. I'm hoping we'll have Widgets and rating levels at some point so that we may decide which widgets we want to use on our network. The widgets are an area of R&D for me.
Ok. . .

My big Three:
1. Create a couple of different Nings for the upcoming year - one for faculty use and one for my advisory group.

2. Research Eluminate and try it out for possible use in faculty meetings.

3. Learn how to use and upload Jing screencaps effectively. This may have uses for trying some "reverse" schooling.
I shared some links above to Martha for Ning that you would really love (you should definitely join the widget laboratory for ning, just know that there are a LOT of things you WOULDN'T use with students or professionals in there. But a cool place to stay on cutting edge of ning.

As for Jing, try this video tutorial:
My Big 3 list for R&D:
1. Ning vs. Wiki?...deciding which would be best in starting a Smartboard resource for our staff
2. Connecting...spend time finding resources for teachers new to Web 2.0
3. Continue work on 23 Things on a Stick project - Web 2.0

I tried to hyper-link the 23 Things without success.
Hi, charlene
1 - I think the question is: Do you want each individual to share information and be part of the process w/ their own blog/ photos, etc. OR do you just want to compile resources about smartboard in an easy to find fashion. If the answer is the second one, I think wiki is probably the way to go. Btu lets talk more.

2- Great on #2 - find the blogs. Converse here, listen to shows at Edtechtalk.

3 - The 23 things link is challenge, there is a little link button that looks like a chain in ning beside a little square photograph looking button. Highlight the text and then click the link button and paste in the URL. Why don't you try again as a reply? If that doesn't work, I'll record a screencast for you!
Thanks for the reply and suggestions. Here is the result of my trying to link
23 Things

Smartboards are new in our school and I'm thinking of a place teachers can easily access information/ideas. Maybe this could lead to them wanting to develop their own space.
Clap Clap Clap! Excellent work!

Very nice. I think you could use either, but if they are very reticent, maybe a wiki with links might be easier and less scary for them. Let me know how it goes.


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