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Museum Robot

After months of failed attempts at establishing a connection this past week I was able to link up with Robert and Joel at the National Museum of Australia’s Robot telepresence education program. After fighting firewall issues at the Museum, G20-related tech issues in Brisbane last year, local server plug-in problems and finally -cleaners unplugging power cords and forgetting to replace them (leading to a dead robot at our scheduled meeting time) we succeeded with our trial run. This whole…


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My Digital Learning Environment

In my work I engage with teachers of all different levels across all different learning areas. I want to know how they engage their students already and how they would like to take that learning to a higher level…


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Connected Learning for Global Understanding

Why should an educator become a connected learner? How does connecting with the world change teaching and learning?


Among the most fulfilling aspects of being a teacher in 2015 are the many diverse resources and experiences available that facilitate my efforts to be a lifelong learner. I love learning something new about my content area and growing skills that I am teaching each and every day. My students teach me, I teach myself, and…


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Technology Ideas

Today is the first day of my vacation but I can’t seem to relax!  I am trying to leave my class behind for two weeks but I also want to plan my technology projects that I am weaving into my curriculum for the spring.  I need suggestions from experienced teachers that have successfully tried projects similar to mine.  I would love tips or strategies on how to be successful with the three projects I plan to do:

1.) Skype with another 5th grade class to share…


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Check out my new blog post!

I need help making my blog snazzier!

My first blog post can be found here:


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Getting the message across to more teachers.

Hi everyone,

Greetings for 2015. We've just returned to school and my ESL Year 11 students have just made their 'Handshake' videos.

I recently had a question from AISSA about Flat Connections on my blog. Here is the question and my response.

Hi Ann- collaborating on a global network must really transform the learning experience for your…


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Calling Global Educators - Join Flat Connections Projects February 2015

Hello Global Educators!

Welcome to another semester where global collaboration supports and enhances and in fact is an integral part of your class curriculum. Global competency, international mindedness,…


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ISTE Global Collaboration PLN - Come and Join and Contribute

The ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Global Collaboration PLN is up and running! If you are an ISTE member - please come and join us!…

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My FCGE Identity

Online Friendships


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Cultural Artifact Handshake Activity

Handshakes are an important way for participants in a global project to introduce themselves and set the tone for the project. The Cultural Artifact handshake serves both those purposes for the Who Am I? Project.

Students find some object to express what is special about them. They photograph…


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Global Project: Handshake Task

Global Whale Project: handshake activity


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FCGP Celebration

Celebrating a shared achievement.

Celebrating a shared achievement in the school newsletter.

A public celebration

As students completed their co-created videos for the Flat Connections Global Project (…


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The Learning Revolution

This post is about some links and resources that are useful for global collaboration.

  • The Google Hangouts could be used in our individual projects.…

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Flatconnect Learning week 9.


For the past few months I have been working with a group of educators globally as we fine tune our learning about being connected educators in a global setting. One way of coping as an online learner involved setting up a page on my SandBox Wiki and dumping all the links that flew at me. This included any contact information and all the important…


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Developing student relationships

Rushton Hurley
Flat Connections Rushton Hurley Key Note Presentation and discussion

Flat Connections Global Project: creating opportunities for authentic communication.

Participating in the student …


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Twitter Chat and Storify for PLN and documentation

Twitter is a great tool to gather professional learning resources, broaden learning networks and as a platform to 'push' information out to your networks. Twitter Chats are forums to engage people in your networks and beyond on specific topics and enquiry questions of interest.

As part of our work at the Asia Education Foundation we engage educators and PLCs in a range of topical Twitter Chats. You can find information about AEF Twitter chats here…


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Quabblogging - Digital Citizenship

"Although technology is used in communication, digital citizenship is still squarely about relating to people." 

Lindsay, Vicki Davis Julie (2012-02-08). Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds: Move to Global Collaboration One Step at a Time (Pearson Resources for 21st Century Learning) (Page 99). Pearson HE, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

When embarking on a journey of global…


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Here is my Quadblogging assignment


I had 5x feedback and over 500 views. To date this has been my most successful post.…


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Major Project 1

I have just completed my outsourced video co-creation with Bonnie.

The topic is Wearable Technology: impact on society and global community. I used PowToons to organise my information and to sequence ideas. This is the first time I have used Powtoons and I found the timing of headings and images quite challenging. I also wanted to learn how to do an interactive YouTube so I have added more depth to my presentation by linking to relevant videos. Bonnie provided an outsourced YouTube…


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Communication & Cutural Diversity: FCGP- student video

This is a cross-blog from The Possibility Posts

Accessing Information
Accessing Information by Clint Hamada shared on Flickr CC .Quote from Embracing Wikipedia.

How to distill…


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