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Pitching a global project is actually a multi-step process; that is, if you are serious about implementing it. 

Once the project is designed, you will present it at F.L.A.Ts (Future Learning Action Talks), which is really good. However, in my experience (limited to one presentation and viewing two other presentations) there is not much of an 'outside' audience. So you must persist. The next step would be to grow your project in the Flat Classroom Incubator. This will be my next move.

Caroline Black and I designed and pitched a Story in 4 Voices. We use Storybird as the vehicle for the student expression and a wiki for collaboration. Check out our idea below: the pitch and the wiki. 

Enjoy! And stay  tuned for this project to go live later in 2013!

Archived FLATS pitch

A Story in 4 Voices wiki

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Comment by Julie Lindsay on January 21, 2013 at 3:19pm

Julie, the link to the wiki is here: Story in 4 Voices, but only FCCT teachers can see that. Can you share a more public link to this wonderful work? Love your project design - graphics are special too. Great work!

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