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If you haven’t figured this out already, one of the best things about this course is the amazing network of educators committed to global collaboration and digital citizenship that take this FCCT journey from all over the globe.  Since the focus for this week is Celebration and we are wrapping up part one of the course, it seems appropriate to celebrate some of the rich insights and invaluable resources that the 13-1 Cohort has shared so far.  Hopefully you will be as inspired as I have by what these engaged, fearless educators are doing in their schools to exemplify the 7 steps to flatten your classroom:  Connection, Communication, Contribution and Collaboration, Choice, Creation, and Celebration

Tracey Brian recently selected Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013 (Go Tracey!)  works out of ASF in Mexico City and provides a wonderful example of how to get parents engaged in technology use through the PD (Parent Development) her school is providing in Schools Desperately Need PD...wonderful outline of activities, apps and resources used in this post!

Tamara Wolpowitz is a digital art and math teacher at the American School of Milan in Italy.  She has established herself as the go to person for understanding the nuts and bolts of technology integration and student engagement.  Her blog post Empower Digital Citizenship Action provides a wonderful exploration of integrating global project at her school.

Holly Fairbrother an English teacher at Nexus International School in Singapore.  I can’t recommend enough reading Holly’s blog where you can follow this champion of choice and see the way she works to provide creative choices for her students in The Octopus Garden Project and enjoy her thoughtful reflections on important, timely topics.

East Coast educators Mark Meyers and Maureen Tumenas blew me away during the Module 5 meeting when they broke down how to address all the multiple intelligences using Scratch.  Check out the slide from the presentation and these resources they provided for teaching Scratch to students:   Curriculum Guide and More Resources

Grace Valentine is an outspoken advocate for the Navajo Nation students she works with on “The Res” where her students are on the wrong side of the digital divide and access to technology and connectivity is by no means a given.  Despite these challenges she bravely treads forward to provide opportunities for her students and provides a powerful, unique perspective in the process.  Check out her blog Free the Teachers.

Claudia Felske an English teacher and IT specialist in the U.S.  gives voice to the challenges of the educational landscape in the 21st century in her incredibly crafted, articulate blog, Fel 2.0.  Check out this  powerful post, “Why My Husband Makes Me Uncomfortable” where she explores the resistance to change in education and life.

Bill Krakower a technology teacher based in New Jersey is what I call a collaboration king.  He is doing amazing work with his students to go beyond the walls of his classroom and provide rich opportunities for global collaboration.  Check out this powerful post he wrote about using Google Hangouts for global debates:  Connecting Beyond the Classroom:  Google Hangouts

Penny O’Brien, a principal at Wharepapa South School in New Zealand gives an introspective and upbeat perspective from a forward thinking adminstrator in her fabulous blog, Everyday has New Opportunities.  In her post, Are you a communicator or a lurker? she looks at her own levels of engagement as a digital communicator as a starting point for helping students and teachers become more engaged.

Don’t miss out on connecting and learning from these amazing educators and so many others here in the 13-1 Cohort and the Flat Classroom Community!  Hats off to you all for contributing so much from your corner of the globe.

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