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Last week I shared what I have been developing with 4 of my early year's colleagues. I told them about the connections I made within the flatclass course and shared my ideas about where I want to take collaboration personally and with my class. The graphic below sums up some key points of my learning.

As for an online presentation, I basically used Tasha's sample of the Voicethread and talked to that. I thought showing a real life example would be more powerful than me creating a presentation. I think my co workers were quite impressed by the level of collaboration. Two peers are now seriously considering taking part in a project. One their main concerns initially was time. After going over the project that Tasha I developed, we discussed how much time one might require. We also discussed flexibility of the project and we feel that our project is flexible enough to fit into a unit of inquiry should the teacher choose to do so. This was a powerful draw card for 3 of my peers as they didn't want to do 'something extra' as we are already overloaded.

My big takeaways included:

  • gaining a better understanding of the power of connection and collaboration
  • Becoming more connected with myself and my own class
  • Giving options and choice
  • Gaining a better understanding on what Digital Citizenship means and how it applies to  youner learners.

I didnt record the session but took a photograph which Ill upload later.

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Comment by Julie Lindsay on January 16, 2013 at 3:03pm

Thanks for sharing Jason. I appreciate the fact you have shared fully your journey during this course and explorations of best ways to globally collaborate with younger students. At the same time you are developing a more mature outlook on connecting and how to effect positive learning outcomes through global outreach.

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