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We have just recently finished the 12-1 FCCT Global Design Project and the pitches. It reminded me that there are several things I need to wrap up. It is so important to end a project in the right way - to tie up loose ends and reflect on practices. I feel it is also essential to celebrate the work and effort that has gone into any project.

I have not yet had the opportunity to participate in a summit (excepting the GDP pitches). This being said, I have completed several projects this semester with my students. I have found that there are some essential practices:

  • Whole group reflection/debrief
  • Independent/individual reflections
  • Celebration

I use all 3 with my student leadership class. In October, we planned and ran several events for Halloween (i.e. Haunted House, International Zombie Day, costume contests etc.) These events were put on for the fun and enjoyment of our entire school board. We had younger students from other schools come to our events. Needless to say, there was a lot of planning and promoting involved for my students. They did a fantastic job and it was a huge success!

The day after the events were over we sat down as a group and discussed our strengths and next steps as a group. We did a sharing circle with a ball being passed around (the student with the ball shared their experiences, then passed it along). It was a great discussion and we came up with new ideas for the next time that were recorded.

Once we were able to discuss our ideas as a group, I had each student complete a reflection journal to discuss their personal experiences. They submitted this journal on our class wiki. I then took all of their written reflections and created a Tagxedo:

The major themes are easily visible!

My students chose to celebrate by having a class pizza party. We invited any volunteers that helped us and I was able to share my Tagxedo. 

Celebration is often overlooked or skipped because there is "no time". I feel that by taking time to celebrate and reflect, we gain a deeper understanding of our learning. It also helps to create a sense of closure and helps up to move on to the next task/event/lesson. I have taken my experiences from my leadership class and incorporated celebration into my other classes as well! Math celebrations! I think everyone can and should incorporate some sort of end and celebration into their course work.

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Comment by Julie Lindsay on January 21, 2013 at 3:50pm

Caroline, congratulations on completing the Flat Classroom Certified Teacher course, cohort 12-1. We have appreciated your consistent and thoughtful participation. Good luck, and soon I will be welcoming you to the Flat Classroom Project 13-1. Exciting!

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