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Challenge #12 Celebration and Summation

I participated in the Flat Classroom Conference in Yokohama. I am still processing all that I learned and following up with contacts that I made. However, one contact has already turned into a connection for student learning, as illustrated through the slide showing the Edmodo page I am using with 5th grade students working on a PYP exhibition project. This is my first attempt at our school with a flat classroom style project. Please see the link to the presentation, What's on The Horizon. I created this presentation to share information with parents from our school and to encourage them to support flat classroom style projects atASF.

At the Flat Classroom conference I worked with three other teachers developing an idea for a global project which we presented at the conference. Here is the link to the Tech Net Presentation as well as our initial proposal. Since some of us did not have classrooms of our own, our proposal was designed for teachers as a method for collaboration. We received feedback from teachers as well as students and adapted our proposal and then presented it to the rest of the members of the conference. We presented to the virtual members of the conference.

The only other online classroom experiences I have had, have been through the Flat Classroom weekly classes. Just leaning how to use the rooms, working on my own digital citizenship and seeing how online meetings can be set up have been real eye openers for me. 

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