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For this challenge, we were asked to complete a task with the FCP organization. The one I chose was judging student videos for one of the FCProjects. The students created videos - the ones I assessed were those dealing with Globalization and Outsourcing. The rubric provided was very helpful and I found it to be useful and reliable. The other judges and I, (two others) listed our top 4-5 videos that met the criteria and found that we were all very close on the ones we chose to be the top videos. 

One of the questions on the rubric was if students used critical thinking as a result of the project. This, I believe is the case, at some level, the students who participated in creating the video incorporated critical thinking skills - they had to search for, comprehend, analyze, and evaluate the information they would use in their video and then had to create a story to share with and educate others. Critical thinking indeed was happening.

This challenge also asks for a redesign idea for design or implementation of the project. It was a reasonable task and didn't take too much time. It was a great opportunity to see what students are doing and get a better idea of what is expected in a project. I'm glad I had the opportunity to judge the videos. 

I also presented my pitch for my project. The process of developing a project was helpful to tie together all the things we've been learning. I look forward to implementing it next semester and want to thank Eva Brown, Abena, and Julie Lindsay for letting me run things by them. It was extremely helpful!        Power Point

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Comment by Julie Lindsay on January 21, 2013 at 6:30pm

Congratulations Barbara for completing the course and for being such an active member of our community. You have certainly made us all think about the need for flattening the college/university level of education and I am sure you will continue to connect with like-minded educators at that level to design and implement new courses that encourage and reward collaboration and flat learning modes. Good luck!

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